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Finding your creativing footing doesn't need to be a solo journey.

How do I apply for the waitlist?

To apply for the waitlist, tell us a little bit about yourself via this form!
However, this group is not trying to become another mega-slack-group with too many strangers. We want to make sure that each of us know one another by our face and our name~. So we might have to bring in new members in slowly and as a sustainable pace.

It’s not free to join, right?

Unfortunately, no. We started the community as a free-to-join group, but as we expanded, we realised we want to create a cozy corner for us to hangout, support each other, and our creative explorations. That is why we decided to have a collective piggy bank to help cover some of the group toolings we have and also to help the staff who are moderating the community.

We believe it takes a while to truly become a part of a friend and peer group. So we ask each member to commit to a minimum of three-month membership. Currently, as a member, we each contribute $20 to the piggy bank(might change in the future).

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What will I get from joining the group?

  1. Take part in conversations by making requests, giving feedback, and geeking out on your latest rabbit holes with makers from across the globe.

  2. Leverage our guided workshops around identifying patterns in your past work and aspirational work and 1:1 dialogue with members and staff.

  3. Get to know and have close-knit conversations with at least 6-12 members –– we are a group that cherish bon-fire conversations and we know each other by our faces!

  4. Drop into the recurring online gathering sessions with makers of product such as TheirTube, interactive drawing tools, MeTime.fm, NocNoc, Scribble Together, shADe extension, MakeSpace, Sashiko bag and many more!

  5. Make use of the mini-yet-mighty library of product, marketing, design, code related resources and tools we are growing over time